About us

If you are looking for authentic Mexican cuisine, here at Margarita's we know and love the unique tastes, textures, and ingredients that real Mexican food embodies.

For thousands of years, Mexican's have enjoyed a varied larder of natural ingredients that could only be found in their vast territory.

Tomatos (tomatl,) Chiles (Chili,) Avocado (Ahuacatl,) Corn (elotl,) and Chocolate (Xocoatl,) are native Aztec (Nahuatl) words for their beloved ingredients that were unknown in the Old World until the Spaniards introduced them to Europe.

Just as well, the native recipes and traditions have survived to this day, providing us with a robust menu of flavors and textures that are truly unique.

Nowadays, however, thanks to the internet, anyone can now make Mexican food. 

However, the tradition of hospitality, warmth and the staff's genuine interest in who you are--and where you come from--is what makes a Mexican restaurant authentically Mexican. 

If you have been to Mexico, you know first hand the sincerity, passion, and pride that Mexicans take in their food/culture and the welcoming respect they give you for honoring them with your presence. 

Here at Margarita's, we invite you to close your eyes and allow your senses to make you realize you have found that small corner of Mexico you are seeking in our beloved City of the Angels!